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Prison School Episode 10

The boys' failure to retrieve the DTO email evidence convinced them that their imminent expulsions were inevitable. As a result, they became broken and lost the will to fight against their expulsion with the exception of Gakuto who lost his sanity. Meanwhile at the USC's office, Mari and Meiko contemplate the restored calm after their expulsions. When she returns to the Prison Block for the boys' dinner, Meiko informs the boys that they have two days in the school before their expulsion and offers the boys a choice of their last meal. In his madness, Gakuto's request for fried grasshoppers over rice is granted though Andre's request for punishment is rejected. When Chiyo disguises a message in their food, Kiyoshi leaves a farewell message hidden in the leftovers. In the school grounds, Meiko manages to catch and cook grasshoppers in order to give it to Gakuto for his final meal.

Prison School Episode 10

On the day of the expulsion, the boys are awaiting the arrival of the Chairman at the Prison Block but despairingly, no one came at the time of their expulsion. As they are escorted from the Prison Block by Meiko, Gakuto saw the slips of paper on the ground and says it was cruel to the Vice-President who hit him. Meanwhile, Hana is in the student kitchens when a mushroom falls between her legs triggering her memory of her hospital visit with Kiyoshi. As they are climbing the stairs of the main school building and are being observed by a taunting Mari, both schoolgirls are shocked by the arrival of the Chairman who state he will heard their plea before they are to be expelled. In the Prison Block, Kiyoshi reveals the appeal letter was a decoy having anticipated Meiko's refusal to deliver it; as a result, the true appeal was disguised on his withdraw request. The boys think they are safe but are surprised when the Chairman says he will not bow before blackmail. Kiyoshi states it a misunderstanding and tries to calm the situation. The Chairman dismisses his own prior annoyance at being blackmailed and silences Kiyoshi.

In the mess hall of the Prison Block, the Chairman then asks the boys what their preference is out of breasts or buttocks to which Kiyoshi recalls the memory of the Chairman's photo collection. The responds of "buttocks" that Kiyoshi makes based on the Chairman's photos is approved and the boys celebrate when told that it was the right answer. However, the Chairman cut their joy when stating Kiyoshi must provide the correct reason as to why buttocks are better than breasts, and he will only help them upon receiving the right answer. In the courtyard of the Prison Block, an eavesdropping Meiko sees an angered blade-wielding Hana who demands to enter the Prison Block in pursuit of Kiyoshi. Though she struggles to restrain Hana after she regains her memory of the nurse's office incident with Kiyoshi, Meiko successfully incapacitates Hana using a reverse leglock. The tense deliberation Kiyoshi makes while thinking about the answer, Gakuto's remarks about human evolution in relation to the Sphinx riddle and the sight of Meiko's breasts at the window of the prison compound serve to inspire his answer.

In this episode of Prison School, the inmates look defeated after their previous plan failed. Normally, Gakuto would just bounce back and create another plan, but his spirit is completely crushed in this episode. With only days before their expulsion, the inmates cannot think of a plan to stop it. They were just counting down the days, and they seem to have accepted their fate. They were all just waiting for Gakuto though, because he was acting crazy in this episode. He requested grasshoppers on top of rice as his last meal, and you can just tell all hope is lost. Just when you think Gakuto's brilliant mind has quit, he suddenly thinks of another plan to stop their expulsion. It'll require three days of fine tuning, but their expulsion is coming the following day. The inmates need to buy more time. Kiyoshi can only think of one final option: ask for the chairman's help directly.

This episode features the inmates finally confronting the chairman, and it seems he is an ally for the boys. Kiyoshi had to thread a needle to get him to come to the prison, but he knows the chairman will surely help them. The chairman is hesitant though, since he claims he doesn't trust the inmates yet. He decides to give them a test, and prove they can be comrades. He asks the boys if they prefer boobs or butts, and the room is tense while the boys try to pass this test. They compare the chairman's test to the Sphinx's trial, since their life is on the line if they don't pass it. Kiyoshi is placed in the spotlight trying to defend his answer to the chairman, and you can just feel the tension filling up the room. It is a simple question, but the show manages to overcomplicate it. Kiyoshi's answer is so perverted and inspired that it impressed the chairman. Their expulsion is postponed and the inmates can finally find proof of the DTO plan. They were given just one day though, and so they must scramble to make this plan work. It seems this episode is setting up the exciting climax for this story arc. The boys' counterattack for the DTO plan is about to commence, and it's a do-or-die situation for our heroes.

It seems that all the key players are about to assume their role for the anticipated climax. In this episode, Kiyoshi proved he's an absolute genius when he planted bait for Meiko when he tried to speak to the chairman. They were mere moments into getting expelled, but his gamble pays off. Kiyoshi is the focus in this episode when he used the chairman's secret as leverage to meet him. It was brilliant when the very first failed prison escape is mentioned in this episode, and the failure somehow yielded something positive for the inmates. Kiyoshi seems to be getting the hang of being a sly person. Perhaps Gakuto's influence is rubbing off on him, and he's ready to play the Underground Student Council's game. Kiyoshi proved he is ready to fight when he thanked Meiko for her help in postponing their expulsion, and it naturally made Mari nervous. She's incredibly smart and manipulative, but Kiyoshi proved he can fight on her level. It's exciting to consider that as we head into the big climax for the next episode.

Meiko seems like she's having second thoughts about the boys leaving, and the show is slowly exploring the idea that she is growing a soft spot for the inmates. It was just a thought in the previous episode, when she accepted their arm wrestling challenge, but Meiko is shown in a different light in this episode. When Gakuto requested grasshoppers in his last meal, Meiko caught and even cooked it herself. It's a powerful gesture, considering she does not like the inmates. Gakuto didn't finish his food though, and Meiko discovers it on the ground. It angered her, as you see the annoyance in her eyes. Just when you think the boys won Meiko over, they end up giving her more reason to hate them. It's interesting how this will play out, as it could be a new story arc for the show.

Hana is also given time in this episode, when her previous rendezvous with Kiyoshi suddenly comes rushing back to her. She once made Kiyoshi take his pants off in the nurse's office, and she almost peed on him as well but they both ended up hiding under the bed when Chiyo entered the room. Hana felt Kiyoshi harden, and she passed out from the shock. She remembered everything, and an enraged Hana seems to be part of the story arc now. She has murderous intent for Kiyoshi, and it makes you wonder how she'll play a role in the next episode. She requested to be the guard in place of Meiko, and you can just tell it's not going to be fun for the boys.

While far from the most memorable outing, this week's Prison School sets the stage for a truly epic finale. Since there isn't much at stake, several attempts at tension fall flat. There's no way the boys will be expelled at this point, meaning there's no way they'd fail to win over the chairman. The chairman is also far less threatening than his daughter and her USC cohorts, so you don't worry for the boys' well-being if they fail to convince him. Prison School is most enjoyable when the stakes are high, and this episode, while very entertaining, underwhelms when compared to the series' best.

Well, I don't think there was any way to be prepared for Riverdale's mid-season finale. Jughead's shirtless drug trip! Archie with a machete! A prison break! A Chic-Charles wedding! ANOTHER fire! Let's do our best to break down the madness.

When the lights go out at parent-teacher night, the school is attacked by inmates who've just escaped prison. (Maybe we should've paid more attention to what Uncle Frank was saying huh Arch?!) Archie starts taking them out, one by one, including an inmate who HAS A MACHETE. At what point between prison and the high school did this guy pick up a machete?! Are they just laying in the streets of Riverdale?

Uncle Frank, now freed, shows up at school and helps Archie lead the parents to safety. Archie then ends the episode telling General Taylor to shove his award. He knows he sent him on a crap mission and he's not scared to say it.

BUT IF HE THOUGHT HER FAMILY WAS INTERESTING BEFORE... Juniper and Dagwood's birthday party has two uninvited guests in attendance: Charles and Chic. Because if you just broke out of prison, wouldn't you go straight to a children's birthday party?! Their reasoning? Alice has been visiting Charles in prison and she had previously agreed to get ordained and marry Charles and Chic behind bars. And now, they'd like to get married in their family's home!

For those keeping track, we've now had newly freed inmates head to high school and a children's birthday party, the two least likely places for newly freed inmates to go. Also, Charles and Chic claim most of the other inmates ran for the hills, to which I say BECAUSE YOU DON'T JUST GET TO STAY OUT OF PRISON IF YOU ESCAPE. If I were you, I'd run, guys!! 041b061a72


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