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Nightcore - I Fell In Love With My Best Friend - (Lyrics)

To me this describes a girl who dearly loves a guy that probably dosesnt even like her and she's slowly dying because she can't have him because she thinks that he already likes another girl prettier than her and she's broken down for falling for a guy who pulls bitches and she's afraid she's on the list of side hoes but she still loves him.I've been through this shit and " hurt" isn't a feeling for me anymore it's an everyday thing for me because when I see my crush in the hallways with he's "new" Girlfriend who was my so called "Bestfriend" and I've loved him since freshman year.When I'm in my feelings I play this song on repeat all day and all I could think of is him.

Nightcore - I Fell In Love With My Best Friend - (Lyrics)

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I think you can understand the lyrics.Love should be felt by two people.I agree, this song could be a forever love, unconditional love, friendship lasting forever, a couple who wants to spend their life togetherAbout the girl who was cut off by a guy, is it really about the distance? you guys can communicate by using new technologies, handwritten letters, see once or twice a year or whenever you guys are free. Make an effort to bring back the spark in your relationshipFor the latest comment, hope you restore your relationship with your mother. Not sure why your mother has a new bf, he is not good for your mom. Be honest to her.Infrequent Visitor

I thin for me this song is about a girl who fell in love with a guy, and is willing to spend for the rest of her life with him. He made her realize of everything, life. And the guy died, and the girl never stopped loving him.

In my opinion it's the story about two persons who both experience their first love. Fokused is the story on the girl who seems to have fears and problems but gets to know how her life and her thoughts about the future changed just because of a boy she happened to fall in love with. Because of him she decides to make the best out of her life and to spent it with her beloved one. She seems to have found her reason for living and enjoying her time with her first love. She gets to know the feeling of wanting to create a future with someone she holds dear and to overcome her fears of solitude. 041b061a72


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