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Matthew Rogers
Matthew Rogers


Easily create complex or simple lines and shapes in your drawing space to illustrate your ideas quickly and easily. Once you've got your line geometry in place, you can apply 2D and 3D text to your drawing like any other object. Just draw the text or use the AutoCAD text tools. If you're familiar with a Microsoft Office tool like PowerPoint or Word, then you're already familiar with the AutoCAD text tools, which are another way to create 2D and 3D text. You can use AutoCAD text tools to quickly create diagrams, drawings, and even paragraphs of text.


Spend less time managing your drawings and more time creating. Enjoy improved parameter management with the new Application Programming Interface (API). Automatically fill values on shapes and build parameter groups on them for quick and efficient data entry. And never lose or overwrite a drawing again by storing multiple versions in the DWG catalog. Also, with the new router, you can make connected, nested or exploded views without a lot of setup. You can share drawings and data with other users in your office or global community. Everyone can work off a shared library from anywhere.

* Save drawing groups to assemblies * Easily assign groups as diagrams and callouts * Update your drawings with drawing tags to group similar objects together * Use existing drawing tags in a different way than before with the new Preferences options * Import drawings from DWG files (.DWG,.DWF, and.DGN) with all the features of DWG files * File > New from DWG and have your drawings created on the fly * Import and update CAD contours * Embed image information and business symbols * Automatically convert plots into DWG files * Easily export to different formats to send to third parties * Tag your drawing contents with tags in the project browser * Instantly create and edit email and Web-based project reviews * Save drawings in the background to capture changes to maintain a file repository * Import and export to other CAD applications using Application Programming Interface (API) connections * Share drawings online with anyone with an Internet connection


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