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Download GoreBox Multiplayer and Unleash Your Inner Demon with a Vast Arsenal of Weapons

Download Gorebox Multiplayer: A Guide to the Ultimate Sandbox of Violence

If you are looking for a game that lets you unleash your inner animosity with a vast arsenal of brutal weapons, explosive devices, interactive ragdolls, fearsome enemies, advanced turrets, vehicles, and a cutting-edge blood and dismemberment system, then look no further than Gorebox. Gorebox is a physics-based sandbox game of extreme violence that will satisfy your thirst for chaos and destruction. In this article, we will show you how to download Gorebox multiplayer, how to play it, and why you should try it today.

What is Gorebox?

A physics-based sandbox game of extreme violence

Gorebox is a game that lets you create and customize your own maps, drive, fly, or blow everything up with the Reality Crusher - your primary weapon for building, destroying, and manipulating the environment. You can also experience the chaos and destruction caused by Timsky's virus, which induces uncontrollable rage and reduces IQ in those infected. You can face off against enemies who range from mindless drones to cunning predators. You can also embody Phil Timsky himself, equipped with a chip that enhances pain resistance, allows mind control of the Reality Crusher, and makes you immune to the virus.

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A vast arsenal of brutal weapons, explosive devices, interactive ragdolls, and more

Gorebox gives you access to a wide range of tools and toys to unleash your creativity and revel in the mayhem you create. You can use guns, knives, axes, hammers, chainsaws, grenades, rockets, mines, bombs, nukes, lasers, flamethrowers, and more to inflict pain and damage on yourself and others. You can also use interactive ragdolls that react to wounds and scenarios. You can drag them around, throw them off buildings, set them on fire, chop them up, or make them dance. You can also use advanced turrets that can shoot bullets, rockets, lasers, or flames at your enemies. You can also use vehicles such as cars, trucks, tanks, helicopters, planes, or boats to drive or fly around and crash into things.

A cutting-edge blood and dismemberment system

Gorebox features a realistic blood pooling and dismemberment system that adds to the immersion and realism of the game. You can see blood splatter on walls and floors, limbs fly off from explosions or cuts, heads roll from decapitations or shots, guts spill from slashes or stabs, bones break from falls or impacts, and more. You can also adjust the amount of blood and gore in the settings to suit your preference.

How to download Gorebox multiplayer?

The official version on Steam (coming soon)

The official version of Gorebox is currently in development and will be released on Steam soon. You can add it to your wishlist and get notified when it becomes available. The official version will feature improved graphics, physics, performance, content, and multiplayer functionality. You can check out the Steam page for more details.

The old version on Mediafire (available now)

The old version of Gorebox is available for download on Mediafire right now. This is the version that contains multiplayer mode in it. You can play with your friends or other players online in various modes and maps. However, this version is outdated and may have bugs or glitches. It is also not supported by the developer anymore. You can download it at your own risk. To play multiplayer, you need to install Hamachi and create or join a network with other players. Then, you need to launch the game and select multiplayer mode. You can host or join a server and start playing.

The mobile version on Google Play (single-player only)

The mobile version of Gorebox is available for download on Google Play for Android devices. This version is similar to the old version on Mediafire, but it does not have multiplayer mode. You can only play single-player mode on your phone or tablet. You can still enjoy the sandbox gameplay and the blood and gore effects, but you will miss out on the fun of playing with others. You can download it for free, but it contains ads and in-app purchases.

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How to play Gorebox multiplayer?

The basics of the Reality Crusher and the Timsky virus

The Reality Crusher is your main tool and weapon in Gorebox. It is a device that allows you to manipulate the environment and create or destroy anything you want. You can use it to build structures, spawn objects, change gravity, apply forces, freeze time, and more. You can also use it to shoot bullets, rockets, lasers, or flames at your enemies or yourself. The Reality Crusher has a limited battery life, so you need to recharge it from time to time. You can also upgrade it with different attachments and skins.

The Timsky virus is a deadly pathogen that infects humans and animals and turns them into violent zombies. The virus was created by Phil Timsky, a mad scientist who wanted to test his Reality Crusher on living beings. The virus spreads through contact with blood or saliva, and causes symptoms such as aggression, reduced intelligence, increased pain tolerance, and enhanced strength and speed. The virus also affects the environment, causing anomalies such as floating objects, random explosions, and distorted physics. The only way to cure the virus is to kill the infected or use an antidote.

The modes and maps of multiplayer gameplay

Gorebox multiplayer offers several modes and maps for you to choose from. You can play with up to 16 players online in different scenarios and settings. Here are some of the modes and maps available:


DeathmatchThe classic mode where you have to kill as many enemies as possible in a given time limit or score limit. You can use any weapon or device you want, but watch out for friendly fire.

Team DeathmatchThe same as Deathmatch, but with teams. You have to work together with your teammates to kill the opposing team and win the match.

Capture the FlagA mode where you have to capture the enemy's flag and bring it back to your base while defending your own flag from being stolen. You can use vehicles to transport the flag faster, but be careful not to drop it or get killed.

Zombie SurvivalA mode where you have to survive waves of zombies infected by the Timsky virus. You can use any weapon or device you want, but ammo and health are limited. You can also build barricades and traps to slow down the zombies.

SandboxA mode where you can do whatever you want with no rules or objectives. You can create your own maps, spawn any object or ragdoll, change the physics settings, and experiment with the Reality Crusher.

Some of the maps available are:

  • City: A large urban map with skyscrapers, streets, cars, shops, and more.

  • Desert: A barren map with sand dunes, rocks, cacti, and a military base.

  • Forest: A green map with trees, grass, flowers, animals, and a cabin.

  • Island: A tropical map with a beach, palm trees, water, boats, and a volcano.

  • Laboratory: A sci-fi map with a research facility, computers, lasers, robots, and Timsky's secret lab.

The tips and tricks for surviving and dominating in Gorebox

Gorebox multiplayer is a game of skill, strategy, and creativity. You need to master the use of the Reality Crusher, the weapons, the devices, and the environment to win the matches and have fun. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you improve your gameplay:

  • Use the Reality Crusher wisely. It is your most powerful tool and weapon, but it also has limitations. You need to recharge it regularly, and you can only use one attachment at a time. You also need to aim carefully and avoid hitting yourself or your teammates.

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