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Il Grande Capitano Movie In Italian Dubbed Torrent

This gloriously goofy cheese ball muscleman movie stars beefcake actor Reb Brown (star of those 'Captain America' TV movies of the 1970s) as the title character. Yor is a lone warrior wandering a prehistoric world, who falls in with young Ka-laa (super sexy Corinne Clery of "Moonraker") and her guardian Pag (Luciano Pigozzi, a.k.a. Alan Collins, utility player in many Italian films). He will ultimately go on a quest to learn his true identity, not really knowing the meaning of the medallion he wears around his neck. The three of them will meet other primitive peoples, fight dinosaurs, and end up battling a Darth Vader-like villain dubbed Overlord (John Steiner, another veteran of Italian exploitation cinema).Yor in for a good time with this lively dose of nutty nonsense. It gets off to a grand start with that irresistible, hilarious theme song. The Leonard Maltin review describes it as "humorously tacky", and that it makes it something to treasure. The clunkiness of the special effects merely adds to the good vibes, as well as the expected (and priceless) antiquated English spoken by many of the characters. Generous on-location shooting in Turkey gives it some solid atmosphere and visuals, and pacing is more than adequate. It rarely passes up a chance to amuse you, with little let up and a tight running time of just under an hour and a half. But it isn't until the final half hour, when "future" and past meet up, that it becomes truly something special. It's just too delightful to see an old-style fantasy type hero in a science-fiction setting, complete with robotic minions working for Overlord.Browns' performance is definitely acceptable for this sort of fare: he's amiable, and physical, if not possessing quite the same physique as, say, Arnold Schwarzenegger from this period. There's no shortage of truly gorgeous women in skimpy outfits: Clery, Carole Andre as Ena, Ayshe Gul as Roa, and Claudia Rocchi as Tarita. Steiner and Aytekin Akkaya as Ukan are wonderfully hammy villains.One of the best bits occurs when Yor discovers a radio and smashes it on the rocks, dismissing it as a "damn talking box".This is one of the best bad movies that this viewer has seen in a while.Screenplay by Robert D. Bailey and director Antonio Margheriti, based on a graphic novel by Juan Zanotto and Ray Collins.Eight out of 10.

Il grande capitano movie in italian dubbed torrent

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