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((EXCLUSIVE)) Download File

This page lists all the files that can be downloaded for each publication or assessment file. It will include PDF files and may include data when available.Access to these files is subject to agreement with the Terms of Use for Ministry of Mines Electronic Information Products.Clicking on any of the file links below indicates your acceptance of these terms.

Download File

Original archive (, 757k) - The main download file above (DOSBOX_ARO.ZIP) is pre-configured to work DOSBox. This file,, is the original and may require installation / setup.

Prefer to file online? Use the online annual report filing service to complete your filing today. With the online service, you have the option to pay by subscriber account or credit card. At the end of the filing process, you will be able to immediately print out a confirmation and a copy of your official Annual Report.

After you add your pull secret and modify the correct configuration files, your cluster can take several minutes to be updated. To check that your cluster has been updated, run the following command to show the Certified Operators and Red Hat Operators sources available:

  • The Comprehensive Antibiotic Resistance Database gratefully acknowledges recent funding from the Genome Canada & Canadian Institutes of Health Research's Bioinformatics & Computational Biology program, allowing integration of the Antibiotic Resistance Ontology (ARO) with the Genomic Epidemiology Ontology, IRIDA platform, and OBO Foundry (see Genome Canada press release). As such, the next two years will be a time of active development for the ARO. Expect significant changes in the ARO between monthly releases as well as occasional incomplete revisions, which may affect downstream analyses.February 2017 ChangesUse of the part_of relationship now follows canonical usage and is restricted to association of sub-units with their large multi-unit protein complexes

  • Extensive revisions to the antimicrobial efflux branch of the ARO

  • Extensive revisions to the rRNA mutations branch of the ARO

  • New use of the participates_in and has_part relationships in place of formerly incorrect usage of the part_of relationship for association of resistance determinants with their mechanism of action.

  • April 2017 Changes Extensive addition of confers_resistance_to_drug relationships for efflux complexes

  • Drug and mechanism category updates for the Resistance Gene Identifier

  • May 2017 Changes Addition of bitscores to detection models, curation of chloramphenicol exporter proteins, ontology changes, JSON file format changes

  • August 2017 Changes Removal of redundant intermediate terms relating resistance determinant to drug class, with improved overall classification by Drug Class and Resistance Mechanism

  • January 2018 Changes Parallel classification system added to the ARO for organization of RGI results: Drug Class, Resistance Mechanism, AMR Gene Family

  • ARO now available in GitHub,

  • April 2018 Changes Addition of extensive ontological terms describing phenotypic testing for antimicrobial resistance

Note: If you are seeking admission under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) under INA section 217, you should NOT file this form. Aliens from VWP countries who are inadmissible must apply for a nonimmigrant visa at a U.S. Embassy or consulate for authorization to travel. You should contact the appropriate U.S. Embassy or consulate if you have any questions regarding your admissibility under VWP.

The first one thousand bytes of Aro.dat (see Figure 2) indicate the file might be encrypted or possibly compressed. As it turns out, this data is nothing but random padding data likely added as a file header to evade AV signatures to thwart detection. The end of the filler data is null-terminated, which provides an identifier to the actual data entry point. Immediately following the NULL byte (0x00) is a set of x86 assembly instructions to unpack the file. In this sample, the x86 assembly starts at file offset 0x4EC with opcode 0x77. This translates to assembly mnemonic of JA (jump if above unsigned).

Figure 2 illustrates the Aro.dat file header up until the NULL byte. The data was truncated for brevity, as the bytes up until the NULL are meaningless. Red denotes the NULL byte, and green is where code execution begins.

The Aro.dat file contains the following string names: aross.dll, aro.exe and aro.dat. The association of these three files together provides insight into how code execution is likely achieved. VirusTotal has the following files:

  • Figure 7. Debug output exampleUses the HTTP protocol. The initial handshake with the C2 is not HTTP, and it consists of random bytes of variable lengths. The implant expects 16 bytes of data for the return and, depending on the return value (command), will initiate HTTP communication. The PlugX SxWorkProc thread is responsible for handling HTTP communications. An example HTTP header:Figure 8. HTTP POST example

  • Breakdown of Figure 8:POST data is made of random bytes.

  • User-agent is a hardcoded value: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 9.0; Windows NT 10.0; .NET4.0C; .NET4.0E; Tablet PC 2.0).

  • utmcn, utmcs, utmsr, and utmsc are hardcoded user-agent values.

  • 61456 is a known PlugX constant value.

  • HTTP Header resembles that of RedDelta PlugX variant from Recorded Future page 11.

  • To create a Windows system service using the name and description: HP Digital Image

  • Figure 9. PlugX sample running as HP Digital ImagePossible campaign ID of 1234

When running, system events such as process creation, date and time and username are logged to a hidden file named NTUSER.DAT, located in the C:\ProgramData\MSDN\6.0 directory. This file is encrypted with a two-byte key of 0x4F6F.

As previously mentioned, Aro.dat (SHA256: 59BA902871E98934C054649CA582E2A01707998ACC78B2570FEF43DBD10F7B6F) was downloaded from an actor-controlled GitHub repository to the target Microsoft Exchange Server using bitsadmin. As such, the specific component responsible for loading and decrypting the module is unknown. However, the connection from it to rainydaysweb[.]com is shown in the blue oval shape in Figure 12.

With an understanding of how the encrypted payload files are constructed, Unit 42 researchers created a signature based on the x86 assembly instructions. These instructions are used to unpack the payload. (See Table 2 for a list of files discovered.)

During our research, we discovered other PlugX-encrypted payloads that have a different encoding scheme and file header. These samples are XOR encoded with the decryption key consisting of the bytes starting at file offset zero, up until the NULL byte. Typically, the key is 10 bytes in length. Once decrypted, the sample is that of a PE file (DLL). (Reference Table 3 for a list of files uncovered that follow this format.)

Palo Alto Networks has shared our findings, including file samples and indicators of compromise, in this report with our fellow Cyber Threat Alliance members. CTA members use this intelligence to rapidly deploy protections to their customers and systematically disrupt malicious cyber actors. Visit the Cyber Threat Alliance for more information

Users can securely download a file from any remote server with SSH by using the scp tool at the command line. Essentially this means you can have a file stored securely on a remote server and transfer it to local storage without having to expose that file to the outside world, because scp offers the same level of security and requires the same authentication that ssh does.

Securely downloading files with scp is aimed primarily at advanced users who are using ssh and the command line regularly in either macOS X, bsd, or linux. For those with adequate command line experience, using ssh and scp to download remote files is easy and, conveniently, after the file transfer has completed, the remote connection will end. This makes scp preferential to sftp for quick file downloads, though you could obviously use sftp if you wanted to as well.

Assuming authentication is correct, the target file will immediately start to download to the target destination, offering a percentage completion, download speed, and elapsed transfer time as the file download proceeds.

Using ssh for remote file downloads like this is most appropriate for secure transfers which require authentication. Sure you can also downloading files with curl or wget from remote servers, but files accessible with curl and wget tend to be accessible from the outside world as well, whereas ssh and scp requires authentication or a key, and uses 3DES encryption, making it considerably more secure.

I want to use my mac as a terminal. I was to send a file from 1 remote system, to another remote system without downloading the file.(easy enough). The problem is i want to have the 2nd remote system forward (not download) that file to a 3rd remote session.

The 2002 - 2023 ARO MidWinter Meeting Abstracts are available as single Adobe Acrobat (pdf) files. The files are over 3 Meg in size so they may take a long time to download unless you are on a high speed connection.

Once a completed petition is filed with the Rent Stabilization Program, a mediation or hearing will be scheduled. The parties (landlords and tenants) will have a chance to meet and talk about issues raised in the petition with a Mediator or Hearing Officer.

We may have multiple downloads for few games when different versions are available.Also, we try to upload manuals and extra documentation when possible. If you have additional files to contribute or have the game in another language, please contact us!

Do I need to register with to apply using Workspace?Yes, you need one account. If you work with multiple organizations on grant applications, you can create and manage multiple profiles within the same account. For more information, read the My Account help article. 041b061a72


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