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Agatha Christie And Then There Were None Epub Files !EXCLUSIVE!

the first, and only, agatha christie novel to feature a female detective was this one. inspired by the royal family of agatha christie, the story follows the investigations of miss marple as she uncovers the mystery of a room with a number of people in it. the individual in this room have been murdered. the investigation leads miss marple to the conclusion that the murders are the work of one john wargrave. the victim's (and the murderer's) identity is concealed from the public, and therefore she is able to act as a detective. however, the characters themselves do not fully trust her because she is a woman. the female detective is miss marple.

agatha christie and then there were none epub files


in this book, agatha christie used many of the methods she had used in her previous detective novels to create suspense and intrigue. there is a murder mystery, a mystery of the heart, a mystery of the mind, a mystery of the emotions, and a murder mystery that transcends time. there are clues that are hidden within the novel that are revealed over time as the story progresses. and of course, there is the element of agatha christie's trademark character, the detective - miss marple.

i first read this book in junior high, when it was still agatha christies best seller. in this book, miss marple is a woman in her late eighties. in this story, she is called on to investigate a series of murders that have occurred at a small hotel. the main characters include a young couple, christine and paul, who have been in the hotel, and also a rather eccentric librarian.

this is a classic crime novel by agatha christie. the story is about a village where nine people are murdered. agatha christie calls this a murder story, but it is really a mystery of the heart. they are all so fond of each other and so responsible that they could not possibly have killed anyone.


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