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Matthew Rogers
Matthew Rogers

Screens 4.5.5

TinyTake is another screen recorder without watermarks. This tool allows you to create tutorials, presentations, and videos in minutes. It offers features like the ability to record your screen with audio, share screenshots with annotations and comments, set up timed captures and GIFs, etc.

Screens 4.5.5


You can also create homemade green screens from poster board, cardboard, wood, or foam. If you plan on creating a lot of green screen videos, you can even paint a wall in your house green for a permanent green screen studio.

I am trying to upgrade from civicrm 4.5.5. I follow instructions of but any time I do the upgrade I get the screen with skip or retry buttons that doesn't work. I don't know if the ugrade was completed.

Many EHRs interface with point-of-care devices like touch screens, laptops and tablets. These devices allow the documentation of assessments, vitals and medication administration at the point of care.

ScreenRec is a small app that lets you take screenshots and record your screen in just a couple of clicks. With just about 200 MB of the disk space it takes, this app is one of the friendliest for weak PCs. The interface is really convenient, too: everything you need is right at the side panel.

The first advantage to notice is the screenshot editing. All the shapes, arrows, and bubbles you can add look very pleasant, which is rare for freeware. Another good option is the media gallery that stores all of your screenshots and recordings allowing you fast access from the panel. The trial version only allows for 5 minutes of uninterrupted recording, which is enough to try the app out and consider creating a dedicated account. Also, registering gives you a dedicated account to save and share your screenshots and recordings online.

If you want to create high-quality video tutorials, live streams, webinars, or record other videos, Icecream Screen Recorder is another decent, free option that's easy to use. Using Icecream Screen Recorder for Windows 10, you can record your entire screen, record a smaller area, or take a screenshot, and you can also record your webcam. It's simple but powerful, offering users the ability to record audio, annotate videos, record based on previously customized areas, add logos, and share videos by uploading them to YouTube and other platforms.

  • most of the IO placed on the right edge, and data-only USB-C port

  • onboard RAM - choose carefully!

  • understand the pros/cons of OLED laptop screens

  • only a 50Wh battery on the lower-tier non-OLED models



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