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Carter Long
Carter Long

Create Amazing Websites with Visual Composer Page Builder for Prestashop - Free Download

it's a ready-to-use page builder, primarily designed to create complex websites or create customer journeys with a series of pages. the content for each page is automatically inserted, so you only need to create and customize different text and images! by using a set of blocks and panels, you can create a variety of pages and display them as needed using controls such as pagination or animation.

visual composer page builder for prestashop nulled


before this extension we were and still are, using the wpbakery addons for our clients. these addons add all the cool features in their set, but the problem was, these packages are huge, and didnt fit in well with our websites. some of our clients were even saying that these addons are too heavy for their sites and they felt their sites arent light and fast. nowwe are happy to say, weve come up with an extension that isnt too big, but provides a huge set of features that visual composer doesnt have yet. so, you can use our addons, and at the same time, you can have even more design and customization.

so that you dont lose all of the advantages of using the wpbakery tools, this package is split into several addons that you can select. what the first addon provides is an option to use the wpbakery addons. isnt it cool? you can just choose which ones you need, then download the file that isnt to big and dont bloat your site with unnecessary code. then youll be able to use our icons, banners, etc. but, isnt that great? you also get a lot of support and guidance if you need help. if you add our tabs and extensions to the code, youll get even more convenience and flexibility on what you can do. in addition, visual composer lets you add to the free themes. so you can also use it with our set of free themes, or with your own set of themes. you dont need to use the addons to use visual composer. you can still use it with our wpbakery addons. it is enough with one addon. youll be able to change the look and feel of your site without any loss, and youll be able to build websites easily, even if you are just starting out.


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