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Final Fantasy 14 Apkallu: A Guide to the Quests and Hunting Logs Involving the Feathered Foe

Final Fantasy 14 Apkallu: Everything You Need to Know

If you are a fan of Final Fantasy 14, you might have encountered some cute and quirky creatures called Apkallus. These feathered friends are not only adorable, but also useful for various purposes. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Apkallus, including their origin, behavior, role, location, loot, and usage. Whether you want to hunt them, farm them, or befriend them, this guide will help you get the most out of these amazing animals.

What are Apkallus?

Apkallus are a type of cloudkin, which are creatures that live in the sky or near water sources. They are based on the mythical creatures of the same name from Mesopotamian mythology, which were half-human and half-fish sages that taught wisdom to humans. In Final Fantasy 14, Apkallus are more bird-like than fish-like, but they still retain some aquatic features.

final fantasy 14 apkallu

The origin and appearance of Apkallus

According to the lore of Final Fantasy 14, Apkallus were created by the Allagans, an ancient civilization that mastered magic and technology. They were genetically engineered from chocobos, another type of bird-like cloudkin that are popular as mounts and companions. The Allagans modified the chocobos to make them more intelligent and loyal, and used them as messengers and spies.

Apkallus have a distinctive appearance that sets them apart from other cloudkin. They have yellow feathers on their head, neck, wings, and tail, and blue feathers on their body. They have a long and curved beak, which they use to catch fish and other prey. They also have webbed feet, which allow them to swim and dive in water. They have a pair of horns on their head, which are remnants of their chocobo ancestry.

The behavior and habitat of Apkallus

Apkallus are social animals that live in flocks near water sources. They are usually found in coastal areas, such as Eastern La Noscea, where they can enjoy the sea breeze and the abundant fish. They are also native to the Island Sanctuary, a new area introduced in the Endwalker expansion, where they can roam freely in a natural environment.

Apkallus are generally friendly and curious towards humans and other races. They can communicate with simple sounds and gestures, and can even learn some words if taught by their owners or trainers. They are loyal and obedient to those who treat them well, but they can also be aggressive and territorial if provoked or threatened. They will defend themselves and their flock with their beaks, wings, and horns.

The role and significance of Apkallus in Final Fantasy 14

Apkallus play an important role in the story and gameplay of Final Fantasy 14. They are not only a source of entertainment and amusement for players, but also a source of information and inspiration for characters. Here are some examples of how Apkallus contribute to the world of Final Fantasy 14:

  • Apkallus are involved in several quests, both main scenario and side quests. For instance, in the Heavensward expansion, players can help an Apkallu named Pipin to reunite with his flock and learn more about the Allagan legacy. In the Stormblood expansion, players can help a fisherman named Wawalago to catch a legendary fish called the Nepto Dragon, which is actually an Apkallu that swallowed a powerful relic.

  • Apkallus are also featured in some events and activities, such as seasonal events, minigames, and housing. For example, in the Moonfire Faire event, players can participate in a game called Apkallu Falls, where they have to catch as many Apkallus as possible by using a net. In the Gold Saucer, players can play a card game called Triple Triad, where they can collect and use cards based on Apkallus and other Final Fantasy 14 characters and creatures. In the housing system, players can decorate their houses with Apkallu-themed items, such as statues, paintings, and plushies.

  • Apkallus are also a source of inspiration and admiration for some characters in Final Fantasy 14. For example, Alphinaud Leveilleur, one of the main protagonists of the game, has a fondness for Apkallus and often sketches them in his journal. He even has a pet Apkallu named Tataru, which he received as a gift from his grandfather. Another example is Y'shtola Rhul, another main protagonist and a powerful mage, who admires the wisdom and intelligence of Apkallus and considers them as her mentors. She even learned a spell called Flying Sardine from them, which she uses to stun her enemies or annoy her allies.

How to find and farm Apkallus?

If you are interested in hunting or farming Apkallus for their products or for fun, you might want to know where and how to find them. Apkallus are not very rare or difficult to encounter, but they do have some specific conditions and requirements that you need to be aware of. Here are some tips and tricks on how to find and farm Apkallus efficiently:

The location and spawn time of Apkallus

Apkallus can be found in various locations across Eorzea and beyond, but they are most commonly seen in Eastern La Noscea, near Costa del Sol. This is where they spawn naturally and regularly, every 10 minutes or so. They usually appear in groups of three or four, near the shore or on the rocks. They are level 50 enemies, so they should not pose much of a threat to most players.

However, if you want to find more Apkallus or encounter them in different locations, you can also use some items or methods that can attract or summon them. For example, you can use an item called Gysahl Greens, which are vegetables that chocobos and other cloudkin love to eat. You can buy them from vendors or grow them in your garden. If you use Gysahl Greens near a body of water, you might lure out some Apkallus that are hiding nearby.

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Another example is using an item called Blue Mage Soul Crystal, which is a special item that allows you to learn and use spells from various enemies. You can obtain it by completing a quest called Out of the Blue, which requires you to be level 50 or higher and have completed the main scenario quest The Ultimate Weapon. If you equip the Blue Mage Soul Crystal and use the spell Flying Sardine near a body of water, you might summon some Apkallus that are curious about the flying fish.

The loot and drop rate of Apkallus

Apkallus are not only cute and fun to interact with, but also valuable and profitable to farm. They drop two types of items that are useful for various purposes: Apkallu Eggs and Apkallu Down. Both items have a decent drop rate of about 20%, which means that you have a good chance of getting them every time you kill an Apkallu.

Apkallu Eggs are consumable items that can be used for cooking or eating. They are considered as a delicacy by many people in Eorzea, as they have a rich flavor and high nutritional value. They can be used to make various dishes, such as omelettes, souffles, quiches, and custards. Some of these dishes can also provide beneficial effects to the eater, such as increased experience points, health regeneration, or stat boosts.

Apkallu Down are crafting items that can be used for weaving or dyeing. They are soft and fluffy feathers that have a beautiful blue color. They can be used to make various items, such as clothing, accessories, furniture, and decorations. Some of these items can also have special features or functions, such as changing colors, emitting sounds, or displaying messages.

The best methods and tips for farming Apkallus

If you want to farm Apkallus efficiently and effectively, you might want to follow some methods and tips that can help you optimize your time and resources. Here are some suggestions that you can try:

Use the right equipment and skills. Depending on your class and level, you might


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