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Some of you might be wondering, what exactly is a Deep Winter Greenhouse (DWG)? In a very condensed description, it is a passive-solar greenhouse that is specifically designed to be economical and sustainable while running through the cold winter seasons of the higher latitudes.

Deep Winter


This revolutionary concept in greenhouse design uses heat from the sun (with a south exposure) and the storage capacity of the earth (by moving air into and out of the earth) to keep a greenhouse producing even in the coldest of winter months.

DWGs are the perfect way to sync up our desire to rely less on fossil fuels, with our desire to have easy access to local, organic, and unprocessed food. The ultimate goal of the DWG is to reach a point of energy net zero. This means no additional energy is required to operate the structure, even through a northern winter! This is an incredible goal, but achievable.

Our Deep Winter Jacket is our most technical jacket. This jacket showcases the seamless integration of a soft internal makeup paired with a weatherproof external layer. With exceptionally functional zippers, open and close compartments easily even in your thickest gloves. Its extensive three-pocket system paired with two additional storage zones allow you to carry any and all treats you need to get you through a winter ride.

This winter essential jacket keeps you moisture-protected while never restricting your movement thanks to slightly-stretchy fabric, elastic details, and effective base material. Despite the harsh nature of winter, we can ensure you'll stay warm and dry in this athlete-tested cold weather essential. the harsh nature of winter, we can ensure you'll stay warm and dry in this athlete-tested cold weather essential.

The Deep Winter bib tights are our warmest cycling tights from the winter collection and designed specifically for the coldest days of the year. The extra-high braces have a zip so you can still easily take these thick, extra-warm tights on and off. The zip is long enough to go to the toilet without having to take off the tights entirely.

The Comfort Gel chamois perfectly matches the design of the Deep Winter. Indeed, this chamois is also somewhat thicker and offers optimal support thanks to the combination of gel inserts and symmetrical foam volume. This chamois, like the tights, supports you on harsh winter rides and ensures that you continue to enjoy your favourite sport despite the winter weather.

Building on dhb's bestselling Aeron Full Protection Softshell, this jacket is engineered for the toughest winter conditions. It's constructed from a fleece-backed softshell fabric that incorporates a high-performance membrane that blocks out the wind and rain, keeping the worst of the weather from affecting you. It's designed to offer protection in temperatures ranging from -2 to 10C.

This deep-winter biking hat features a fleece top and an insulated ear-and-neck band to retain body heat. The ripstop outer fabric blocks wind and moisture, while the soft, foldable brim shields eyes from the sun.

I do have to criticize the dark only color options for a winter jacket when high-visibility colors would be more appropriate, though this is easily mitigated by the active solution of front and rear lights. Ironically, the waffle liner inside the jacket is where the bright colors are located. Thankfully there are reflective highlights added to the side of the rear pockets.

Holding everything in place are two wide and seamless bib straps that distribute pressure evenly on the shoulders. A great design choice was using mesh instead of insulated fabric on the rear yoke. I stay away from insulated back panels on winter tights as they always trap too much heat and become a sweaty mess. At the other end the ankle openings are simple elastic cuffs with minimal grippers that I found held their shape well and stayed in place without issue.

The hope is that this deep-winter greenhouse will be the first of many built in our community. Not only does it provide transitional employment, but it provides a necessary source of fresh food at winter farmers markets, addressing the food access concerns in our community. Seeds of Success makes the food even more affordable by offering up to $15 a week in a SNAP matching program.

Ever wonder what next-level gardening and farming looks like? Conservatory Craftsmen has the answer with its Deep Winter Greenhouses (DWG), which are sustainable growing spaces that allow for plant growth during the cold winter seasons.

A comfortable chamois is one of the most crucial elements of any cycling kit and the chamois in the MAAP Apex Deep Winter bibs was remarkably unremarkable. I make a habit of nearly always applying anti-chafe before I sit on a chamois, but for a few rides I went without it, and the MAAP chamois was just as excellent. In terms of comfort and price, the MAAP Apex Deep Winter bibs rate, in my experience, similarly to Assos, Rapha and Giordana winter wear.

The brushed interior of the panels around the chamois offers some additional comfort and warmth. If I had to improve any aspect of these winter bib tights, it would be making them slightly less slippery on the inside of the exterior of the upper leg and thigh panels.

The dual YKK Aquaguard zippers are easy to operate to regulate temperature or access a jersey pocket. But I wish the toggle on the zipper was a little easier to find and grasp when wearing gloves. Three deep and narrow pockets on the back keep nutrition, a phone, and a tire plug tool safe from ejection, while a fourth zippered pocket keeping items even safer.

The MAAP Knitted Oversocks ($35) are effective at keeping your feet warm when temperatures are above 40 degrees. They effectively block wind and seem to be just breathable enough to prevent my feet from sweating sweat even when wearing winter wool socks. They are easy to slip on and off over my shoes.

While our guides to the best winter jackets or warm tights will give you a good start, accessories play almost as crucial a role. Lifting your outfit from one that can manage the merely chilly to instead tackle storm-force rain and sub-zero temperatures, below are our favourite picks for when better judgment tells you to stay indoors.

WINGWALKERS California's Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains are arguably home to the birth of American ski mountaineering and long-distance touring, where generations of guides and visionaries have linked unthinkable traverses over some of the U.S.'s highest terrain. And while much has changed in the mountains that John Muir once deemed the Range of Light since Orland Bartholomew's 100-day solo ski from Mt. Whitney to Yosemite in 1928, a few constants remain: the zone is breathtakingly high, there's still no one here and, in winters like last year's, it can get insanely deep. 041b061a72


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